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Concerned about Shark Bites in your area? There is no need to be overly concerned because these incidents are very rare. The U.S. averages 16 shark attacks per year, with one fatality every two years. By comparison, 20-26 people have died each year, in the last decade, from lightning strikes. It is scary to imagine the circumstances surrounding these events, but a much more common threat is Rip Currents…

The U.S. Lifesaving Association found that there are over 100 deaths each year in the U.S. attributed to rip currents. That is more than 200 times the death rate caused by sharks. Rip currents account for over 80% of rescues performed by surf beach lifeguards, putting these lifeguards and others who attempt rescue at severe risk.

The solution to some of these preventable drownings is Notification and Education via infographics. Many people simply do not know about rip currents, the dangers involved, or the steps necessary to escape them. Signage on the beaches and at beach access trails is vital for informing beachgoers and swimmers. Big Cat Carolinas, LLC has designed new Rip Currents warning signs in varying sizes to meet this need and which hopefully, and ultimately, will help save many lives. We believe these are the best designed and most beneficial signs of their type available.

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