Buckle Up - It's the Law! Seat Belt/Seatbelt Metal Sign, Reflective, Overlaminate Option, Choose Hole Placement, Quality Materials for Long Life

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    About This Item

    • Perfect for exit areas of parking lots!
    • Attractive and eye-catching!
    • Used by many schools and government facilities!
    • Choose Overlaminate Option for Added Protection

    These attractive Buckle-Up signs are widely used and posted at exits of parking lots. Especially useful at school and government parking lots.

    Buckling Up and wearing seat belts are the most effective lifesavers in automobile accidents. It is widely known that wearing seat belts reduces serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half. Seat belts save about 15,000 lives per year.

      Big Cat's Buckle Up signs inform and remind motorists that wearing a seat belt is required by law. Our signs have a superior design and appearance while at the same time exhibiting eye-catching and patriotic colors. They are reflective, making them more easily seen in all conditions, and as required by local, state, and federal regulations. These signs are made with quality inks and you can choose your hole placement.

      Big Cat's Buckle Up signs are the perfect solution for any type of business, organization, school system, or government entity.

      Note, Big Cat Carolinas chooses the best production method for your order and thus will select between screen-printing and digital-printing to complete your order. Both methods result in the same, 7-10 year lifespan. Factors which are considered are quantity, number of colors, complexity of artwork, lead time required, cost, availability, etc.

      Screen-printed signs:

      • Traditional method of sign production which requires a pull or print for each color.
      • Used more often for larger quantities, 1-3 colors, and simple artwork.
      • Durable and great quality. 7-10 year lifespan.
      • Vibrant, individual or "spot" colors using 3M inks.

      Digitally-printed signs:

      • Newer method of sign production which prints the image, all colors at once.
      • Used more often for smaller quantities, multiple colors, images, and/or complex artwork.
      • Outstanding print quality that lasts! 7-10 year lifespan.
      • Consistent, repeatable color using 3M, UV inks. Beautiful and durable!
      • Vibrant, captivating color and near-photographic quality.
      • LED Cool-curing, uses light, not heat, to improve resistance to damage, weather, and abrasion.
      • Quality inks - the same type DOT uses, 7-10+ years longevity without fading
      • Select from traditional .080 aluminum or lightweight PolyMetal
      • Select from common sizes specific to this sign
      • Select either Engineer grade or Hi-intensity reflective backing
      • Select from standard hole placement options
      • Select overlaminate for added protection from exposure to the elements (10+ years outdoor lifespan with overlaminate)