Buckling Up

  • Seat belts are the most effective lifesavers in automobile accidents
  • Seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths by about half
  • Wearing seat belts saves lives, 15,000 per year

Big Cat’s Buckle Up Signs:

  • Inform and remind motorists that wearing a seat belt is required by law
  • Superior design, appearance, and patriotic colors
  • Reflective, as required by DOT and MUTCD
  • Preferred by school systems and government agencies
Price: $42.15

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    Item #: PL-1005

    Unlike digitally-printed signs or signs with vinyl lettering, screen-printed signs can be extraordinarily affordable, especially when ordering large quantities. Also, due to the inks used, the lifespan can be much longer.

    • Quality inks - the same type DOT uses, 8+ years longevity without fading
    • Select from traditional .080 aluminum or lightweight PolyMetal
    • Select from common sizes specific to this sign
    • Select from Engineer-grade or High-intensity reflective backing
    • Select from standard hole placement options
    • Select overlaminate for added protection from exposure to the elements (10+ years outdoor lifespan with overlaminate; many years indoors out of direct sunlight)

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