• Industry standard for toughness
  • Impact resistant
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Provides better rebound
  • Resists 50 Impacts at 60 mph
  • Perfect for many situations
Price: $70.94

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    Item #: 114902

    The industry standard for toughness, impact resistance and long-lasting performance for demanding high-speed, 2-way, 2-lane detour operations. The unique 3" W x 2 1/8" D cloverleaf design provides far better rebound than the round tubes. The curved sides changes the momentum of inertia and builds up tremendous potential energy, resulting in a quick and sharp rebound after impact. These delineators have many uses such as median markings, ramp delineation, merge lanes, bike lane and parking lot lane delineation.

      • Resists 50 Impacts at 60 mph

      Cap sold separately.

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